How it works!

Remote Maintenance

Computer problems are awful, but the worst part about them is often the downtime and lost revenues waiting for the tech to arrive and fix it.  That’s why we offer “remote in” tech support!  We use a remote login software that allows us to access your computer from our location.  This software can be installed by you and give us access just once or on an ongoing basis for long term support.  We can resolve most software issues relatively quickly this way.

OnSite Maintenance

We understand that not all problems can be fixed remotely.  Regardless of our skills we can’t fix a burnt up hard drive from our office.  We can however, pick up hardware for repair or come to your location with our tools and do it on site at which time remote support can also be installed.

How it helps you!

Remote Support

Providing tech support in this manner saves you a lot of costs.

  • No associated Travel costs
  • Less computer downtime (remote access is almost instant)
  • Greater time flexibility(we can still work on your computer after you are closed because we are off site)
  • Ongoing maintenance can help reduce future downtime

OnSite Maintenance

  • Fix hardware issues on site
  • Pick up computers with complex issues to be fixed
  • Printer and network Support