Project Description

Company Bio: With over 10 years of successful sales and marketing in the pest control industry, Glenn Workman co-founded Priority Pest Services in 2005. He successfully negotiated the Wavy TV news channel 10 “Expert on your side” affiliation in 2006. Envisioning an improved and unique approach to pest control services, centered on more effective long range treatments, Mr. Workman renamed the company 1.800.PESTOUT. Same skilled people; same great service.

Site Bio: Pestout came to us for marketing and also because they needed some web-design done as well. They had two different websites that they wanted to consolidate into one and also redesign them. Glenn strives to have the absolute best for his company and we have teamed up with Mint Designs in Virginia for the photography and imagery of the site. One thing very important to Pestout was that the site had some very unique features setting this site above the rest, we tried to make this site very clean and functional while also loading it with features that are subtle. This site was also built on the WordPress CMS because of the versatility that the platform gives us for features.