Dakota Kustom Coatings

Company Bio: Dakota Kustom Coatings is a new business that does Powder Coating, Liquid Imaging(Hydro-graphics), & Sand Blasting in the Black Hills. They are located in Sturgis, SD. They service clients nation wide now!

Site Bio: Dakota Kustom Coatings wanted a simple site that they could use to show their colors for powder coating and patterns […]

Elite Elder Care

Company Bio: Do you know someone in need of nursing care, who does not want to be institutionalized? Elite Elder Care offers the most accommodating and friendly care available in Virginia – not a nursing home, but a nurse’s home – where we can give the personalized care your loved one deserves.(Aralli has not designed […]

Carsons Catering

Company Bio: Carson’s Catering is a new company in Portland, OR that specializes in good comfort food at an affordable price.

Site Bio: Carson’s Catering came to us as a new company needing a logo and also a website. The logo we tried to create a simple design that would look good on multiple different colors […]


Company Bio: With over 10 years of successful sales and marketing in the pest control industry, Glenn Workman co-founded Priority Pest Services in 2005. He successfully negotiated the Wavy TV news channel 10 “Expert on your side” affiliation in 2006. Envisioning an improved and unique approach to pest control services, centered on more effective long […]