How it works!

Whether it’s Google, Yahoo or Bing, all search engines rank websites and they look at two main factors: relevance and authority. Relevance is determined by the content on your site and how it is set up, while authority is determined by the amount of traffic your website generates. When you search for “How to do SEO”, you will get many results of pages that say something about “How to do SEO”. The search engine will determine which ones to show first based off of how relevant the content on the site is and how much authority it has.

How its found!

SEO is done in many places, both on your site and on the web. Relevance is far easier to achieve than authority within SEO. RelevanceRelevance is primarily done within your site by developing content and making sure that the content you have already created, is going to be read easily by the different search engines. Also, checking to make sure the structure of the website is easy for the search engines to recognize, is also very important. AuthorityMany factors come into play with authority. Most of these are done offsite and some of them are out of anyone’s control but, many things can be done to improve your authority. Other pages linking back to your page can increase your authority as well as blog posts and online press releases.

How it helps you!

SEO is very important for anyone who wants to develop a presence on the web. If you have a small business or if you are just an individual wanting to share information, without proper SEO people will not be able to find your site unless they type your domain name directly into the address bar.