Designing for Results

A majority of our clients are small businesses that have a passion to spread their message and dream. We can help on everything from the designing of the logo to the development of the perfect website. We can either design a project from scratch, pick one up right in the middle of progress, or re-design to take your brand/company in a fresh and exciting direction. No matter what your situation, you can be sure that your design will represent the exact message you wish to convey to your potential customers.

Web Design

Our Design Process

Our web designs consist of many different styles and types depending on what the client needs. We start with meeting the client to determine what they would like out of the project. Depending on how simple, complex, or how hands-on the client wants to be within the process, will determine how we build and manage the site. We try to provide services from extremely custom to extremely user friendly, which all depends on the needs of the client.

Content Management System

If the client chooses to have something that can be managed by a Content Management System (CMS), requires a CMS, or is on a limited budget, we can help determine the best CMS for the situation. Next, we design almost all of the CMS themes in house to ensure that even though a CMS is being used, the site will be customized for each client and will look very professional. After the design is complete, we import the theme into the CMS and start to fill in the necessary content based off the client’s needs.

Hand Coded

If the client chooses they would like something that cannot be made in a CMS, or they specifically request that their site be hand coded, we start by using Photoshop. Once we have the overall layout of the site designed, we will break up the layers and export the images. Finally, we start hand coding the custom-built site and add necessary content.

Graphic Design

Our Design Process

Our graphic design consists of many different styles and types depending on what the client needs. We start with meeting with the client to determine what they would like to achieve with their logo, flyer, stickers, or business cards. Many of the clients we work with are new business owners, so we try to involve the client as much as possible. We like to ask the client to suggest different ideas or colors that they would like to have incorporated into their design. We will develop the initial design and then get suggestions from the client for changes. The next few steps are between 2-10+ revisions to get the design absolutely perfect. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail that we put into all designs, both simple and complex.

Our Experience

Most of the work we do requires some form of design to it. We have developed a passion and talent for creating designs in Photoshop over the years. Some of our favorite things to design are Logos because they are the foundation of a business’s image. We try to develop a design that will look good on multiple backgrounds since clients are likely to put their logo on EVERYTHING! While we are trying to make the designs versatile, we strive to achieve a creative design that is undoubtedly the centerpiece of anything it is placed upon.